About “The Big M”

This book offers a triptik for navigating the journeys of Menopause and Midlife. Imagine going through puberty again. Only this time it’s puberty to the tenth power and you have had no preparation for the cataclysmic changes you are about to experience. No warning. No support. No let-up on responsibilities. No precedent. You are afraid that you are going crazy. You have no idea how you’re even going to make it through the rest of your life. And you are just too freaking HOT!!!

Your spouse is impatient and exasperated by turns. You don’t dare bring up your fears at work where the best-case response is embarrassment and worst-case is discrimination. The only thing you know for sure is “I just don’t feel like ME anymore.” This is the mantra of the midlife woman.

If this describes you or someone you love, this book is for you. Menopause is the great equalizer. Whether a CEO or a homemaker, all women undergo radical, life-shattering change. Most of them are trying to survive this journey on their own. Going through these changes alone makes it ten times worse.

This book provides the midlife woman with a community between covers. A chorus of voices from every walk of life tells her “We understand – we’re going through it too.” The collective wisdom of the VENUSes illuminates her journey through this challenging time, enough so that she may approach Menopause and midlife with a sense of humor rather than a sense of doom.

Most important, the book includes a how-to guide for creating her own “VENUS” group to support and facilitate a real-woman goddess rising so she won’t have to go it alone.

The Venuses offer a map for the changes that overwhelm the second half of a woman’s life, complete with lists of what she’ll need to know, pack, and prepare for the journey. Down-to-earth information and remedies mixed with belly laughs illuminate “the Change”. The reader journeys along with these menopausal goddesses as they confront the shock of menopause in their first meeting. Subsequent meetings examine the growing of new relationships with our mates, creating a life vision for our Act Two, and passing on a legacy. (Think Sweet Potato Queens meets The New Passages.)

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